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Why We're a Different Kind of Pet & House Sitter

Yes, we're a firm of dog walkers, cat sitters, puppy and elderly pet sitters, and house sitters. But that's just the short story. We took a good hard look at what pet owners like and don't like. Truthfully, that wasn't aall that hard to do because we're lifelong pet owners and lovers too. But we wanted to know what our target pet owner clients wanted, sooooo...we asked them. And their stories and our own became the cornerstone of how we designed London Pet Butler.


1. We're Rigorous in Our Vetting

Everyone here is handpicked. We begin with an online pre-recruitment form. This accomplishes a couple of things like providing us with enough information to know if the applicant is someone we'd like to talk with further. But just as importantly, it shows us if the person is computer literate. Our unique online, interactive scheduling and diary system demands it. All staff write their diary reports and received urgent rescheduling information from it by email and by mobile SMS.


Then we select applicants for rigorous face-to-face interview. We want to know all about them, their background, their work experience with animals, any specialised training they've had. At this point, many dog walking companies stop, satisfied with the results. But we go on: we ascertain their attitudes towards other people's pets, their level of self-discipline and refinement and trustworthiness; their aptitude and willingness to continue on through our training process. Those who successfully complete this phase are then invited to join a training session.


This is a 3-day event during which the candidates having in-class and outdoor hands-on training. They'll attend a seminar with a London veterinarian, a professional nanny and a butler. We want to impress upon them that we're a different kind of pet care company and not everyone will make the grade.


Next, Majordomo Sharon grades each candidate on a number of specifics and makes the decision of whom is to be offered employment. Once the candidate accepts, their references are contacted and their particulars are submitted for CRB police background checks.


Finally, now that they understand the high-level of service deliver we require, each one signs a Confidentiality Agreement covering our clients households and our company.




2. Monitoring and Mandatory Ongoing Training

Our Valets are continually monitored and go through mandatory ongoing training. We keep up to speed with local regulations, trends and incidences so that our Valets are aware and can remain the best.


We often pop in to visit with our Valets whilst their on assignment. We like to know that they're following our procedures, learn of any concerns they have, how the visit or walk is going and learn of anything more we can do to help them remain the best pet and home care Valets in London.


People love praise as much as our pets do. One of our employee incentive programs is called "Caught 'Ya!" When we come upon a Valet who goes above and beyond the call of duty, simply because that's the sort of good person they are, we love to reward them with gift certificates!



3. Your Pet Will Know We Care

We don't load up vans with packs of dogs and dump them out at local parks. Our Valets live in your neighbourhood and walk your dog on-lead to the park. Never more than four dogs at a time -- and usually only 2 or 3. Even then, we pay careful attention to the size, breed, personality and temperament of the dogs we allow to walk together. (We reserve the right to adjust the playgroups to maintain this harmony.)


Our Valets are trained to be especially gracious and considerate to people around them on their walks. Not everyone is a dog lover, and even those who are deserve a wide berth as they go on their way through the parks and streets.



We don't stand around on our mobiles whilst the pets try to entertain themselves. Instead, we treat socialising playgroups as though your pets where a schoolyard of small children. Our Valets interact with them, play with them, talk to them and give them positive verbal reinforcement, cuddles, and pats.


Whilst house sitting, we respect your boundaries, never touch anything we're not allowed to and keep and leave your home just as you left it.



4. Paying It Forward

We want to minimise the pawprints of all our furry charges. So we use earth-friendly biodegradable poo bags. And because we realise not everyone can afford the services of a veterinarian, a portion of every £ we receive for our services is donated to "PDSA - Pets In Need of Vets".



5. Real-time, Interactive Diary and Scheduling Updates

Every day, your Valet will update our online interactive diary system with feedback about your pet or house. They can and do also upload mobile snapshots of their outings with your pet. You'll be able to login and read it at your leisure from anywhere in the world. Here you'll also be able to change the schedule or extend services, depending on whatever comes up in your life. Our Valets love their job and it becomes evident in the communication they provide you.



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