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Whilst You're Away, We Care for Your Pets & House

So off you go on holiday or on a business trip. And you've scheduled London Pet Butler to take care of your home and pets. What's happening whilst you're away?


1. First Things First

First your Valet arrives at your home once you've left. Armed with your detailed instructions (remember, you can submit them online through our interactive scheduling and diary system). The Valet first makes certain all is well with your home and your pet if you have one:

  1. Look after the needs of any pets

  2. Pamper your pets with hugs and attention

  3. Replenish pet water and food dishes

  4. Do basic pet grooming like brushing

  5. Empty and clean litter boxes

  6. Feed the fish

  7. Water the plants

  8. Bring in the post

  9. Resecure the doors and windows

  10. Adjust the draperies

  11. Adjust the lights

    partial list of house sitter services and duties

2. We Busy Ourselves With Housesitting and Your Pets

Generally make your home appear lived in...and it is. We will have discussed in advance the sleeping, personal hygiene, food preparation and dining areas you wish to assign for your Valet. Your Valet will of course reclean and tidy anything they use and leave your home in the same condition you left it.


Your Valet will not use or disturb anything or any area that is not necessary to their looking after your home, such as your personal computers, laptops, cars, cookery, etc.


Any pets you have will receive their regular outings (if applicable) during the day and/or evening and be tucked in at bed time.


3. Complete Confidentiality

Remember, your Valet has been professionally trained to respect your pets, your home, and your boundaries. He or she has signed a Confidentiality Agreement covering our clients households and our company. There will be no gossiping with the neighbours about where you've gone (or even that you've gone).


We often pop in to visit with our Valets whilst they're on assignment. And we're the only other people (aside from a spouse or partner) allowed to do so. We like to know that procedures are being followed and learn of any concerns they have about the home stay so we can nip them in the bud.


4. Short Recesses

As you'd expect, your Valet will be able to leave the premises for short periods to attend to personal needs (picking up their own post, etc.) But those times will be no longer, nor more conspicuous than those times you leave your own home for errands.


5. In Constant Touch

Every day, your Valet will update our online interactive diary system with feedback about your pet or house. They can and do also upload mobile snapshots of their outings with your pet. You'll be able to login and read it at your leisure from anywhere in the world. Here you'll also be able to change the schedule or extend services, depending on whatever comes up in your life. Our Valets love their job and it becomes evident in the communication they provide you. In Home Sitting, you'll also be able to directly text or ring the Valet on their mobile.


This system will also send your invoice on the first of each month and you'll be able to pay online, by cash, cheque or BACS bank transfer according to our standard 7-day agreement. (Tip: Services prepaid receive a 10% discount!)


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