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How Our Services Work


We understand that finding the perfect pet sitter is nothing short of finding the proper nanny for your first born. (We certainly treat the process as such.) Allow us, please, to demystify our pet sitting process from start to finish. It's simple really... The entire process begins the moment you contact us. We reply to your emails quickly.


1. Pet Profile

Pet ProfileWe begin with a brief online intake to learn about you and your pet. It takes 60 seconds and is easy peasy. Your request is reviewed. Then we get in touch with you to arrange to meet you and your pet.


2. Set Up a Time to Meet

Set a Time to MeetWe set up a time to meet with you and your pet in your home. We're very flexible and understand your schedule may be hectic, so we work around you and are available to meet evenings and weekends. We get to know each other and especially your pet and discuss any particular arrangements you'd like. Here, we find out about your pet's personality, diet, special needs or instructions, whether they are spayed/neutered, etc. We'll also go over your contact details and those of your pet's veterinary. Lastly, if all is agreeable, we'll collect 2 sets of keys (one set is coded with non-identifiable encryption and stays in our safe; the owner details are kept separately under lock and key. The other set is issued by our Majordomo Sharon to the assigned Pet Valet.)


For pet and house sitting jobs, this is where we'll ask for a tour of all the necessities; location of food, water, litter box, extra litter, scooper, can openers, paper towels, cleaning products, broom, vacuum, cat toys, favorite hiding spots...(uh-huh, we know about those!!)


3. We Assign Your Valet

We MatchWith pet profile in hand our notes from our consultation, we choose your ideal Valet and at least one back up Valet shortly after the meeting. We relay all that we've learned about your pet, and your Pet Sitter is on board and ready to begin their visits. All of our Pet and Home Valets are our employees, (not freelancers or temps). They're professional, considerate, hard working individuals often with college degrees, including some with their Master's degree. We hire into our firm only after a rigorous process that includes a background and CRB police check, in person interview and employee health & safety, client care induction and training which includes a session with a professional London butler, a veterinarian and a nanny. We absolutely love and adore each and every one of our Valets and we are sure you'll feel the same!

4. We deliver your personal LOGIN to our Diary, Scheduling System

About the same time, send your confirmation email detailing your upcoming reservation, along with our attached for you to review and fill out. This is simply the place we gather all your contact, emergency and vet info, special instructions and anything else of value we will keep handy while you are away.


5. Real-time, Interactive Diary and Scheduling Updates

Every day, your Valet will update our online interactive diary system with feedback about your pet or house. You'll be able to login and read it at your leisure from anywhere in the world. Here you'll also be able to change the schedule or extend services, depending on whatever comes up in your life. Our Valets love their job and it becomes evident in the communication they provide you.


This system will also send your invoice on the first of each month and you'll be able to pay online, by cash, cheque or BACS bank transfer according to our standard 7-day agreement. (Tip: Services prepaid receive a 10% discount!)



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