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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much pet care experience do you have?

A: As much as 35+ years experience in dog, pet and even horse handling. We insist that each candidate we consider for the post of Pet Valet has some years of such experience. We find that they make for a confident pet handler. Better for your pet; better for the Pet Valet.


Q: Why are you Pet Valets and Butlers?

A: Because we're not just dog walkers or cat sitters. Our concept and training truly sets out the pattern for professional, confident pet handling and confidential service to our clients. What's more, our clientele of private households are accustomed to household staff trained and experienced in discretion and picking up subtle cues in attending to the household needs. We're much the same. That's why we look for and hire refined, high-quality individuals to train as professional Pet Valets. We attend to your pets needs, like a butler attends to your private household.


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Q: Am I signed up once I've completed the enquiry form?

A: No. The online enquiry form is the first step in registering your interest in London Pet Butler services. However you are not a client until we have met with both you and your pet at your home and mapped out your pet's specific needs, This complimentary and comprehensive pet care consultation will take place in your home at a time convenient for you. At this time, we'll also complete required paperwork and obtain keys, if applicable.


Q: How long will my in-home consultation take?

A: This can be completed in as little as 30 minutes. We coordinate our services around your schedule. Shortly after the complimentary and comprehensive pet care consultation, you'll be issued your login credentials to access our unique online, real-time interactive scheduling system, viewable at your leisure.


Q: Will you tour my home?

A: Only for those clients who's pet care needs dictate it.


Q: Are you an Agency?

A: No. London Pet Butler is NOT a recruitment or employment agency. Rather, our Pet Valets are hired directly by us, paid by us and are employees of London Pet Butler. You sign one contract and write one cheque.


Q: Can I come to your office and sign up in person?

A: We operate by appointment only and will need to see you and your pet in their native environment; your home. Once you've completed the online enquiry form, you will be contacted shortly thereafter.


Q: What about security?

A: All London Pet Butler staff are vetted and undertake a CRB check. In addition, each staff member is covered under our comprehensive insurance policies. What's more, each staff member has signed a Confidentiality Agreement and has been inducted and trained in absolute discretion regarding our clients' households.


Q: What roles does London Pet Butler staff handle?

A: The most requested are for Valet dog walking services, In-Home Cat Care and In-Home New Puppy Care. There is also holiday or overnight sitting in your home and elderly pet care.


Q: What are your working hours?

A: The bulk of the working day will be Monday through Friday. The highest demand is for the hours between 9:00am to 5:00pm. There are also weekend, evening, bank holiday and client holiday hours.


Q: Where will my dog be walked?

A: Dog walker Pet Valets are assigned to their own immediate neighbourhood where they live, shop and eat. Think of a circle around their home, the edge of which is no more than 2 miles in any direction. To keep Pet Valets in convenient proximity to parks and resources they're familiar with, our Pet Valet (as a general rule) are assigned the clients that are closest to them. Whilst this can vary depending on the mix of dogs and mutually agreed conveniences, virtually all dogs are walked at their own neighbourhood dog park just as their owner would.


Q: How many pets are walked at a time?

A: Never more than four. FULL STOP. Often, it's just 2 or 3. Plus, we offer "Solo" walking services. Majordomo Sharon is adamant that our Pet Valets are the most considerate and gracious above all. She feels it's pure tosh to treat any of our neighbours with anything less than the utmost of decency and respect for their parks, pavements and surroundings. We have no van loads of dogs teaming with a pack mentality dropped off at parks. The dogs in playgroups are coordinated for their personality, breed, size and temperament. They remain on-lead at all times until they reach the park. And the Pet Valets' attention is on them; not on their mobiles. We reserve the right to reorganise socialisation groups to maintain harmony and our high standards.


Q: How do I pay for services?

A: 50% of the first week's service is payable at client registration after the in-home Comlimentary Consultation. Thereafter, you will be invoiced by email on the first of each month in arrears. Invoices are payable within 7 days either by cash, cheque or BACS bank transfer. (Please ask us for the sort code and account number.)


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